Winner, winner chicken dinner! You can't deny that true love is chicken. Zaxbys serves mouth-watering food like chicken wings. Its main branch is in of South US. But it has its reach in 800 locations and above. The founder of this company had a pure attachment to Basketball.

This trait is depicted by the founder in marketing behavior and chain sponsorship. The sponsorship of the company is known to sponsor more than 30 colleges and even holds the intellectual rights. This company (myzaxbysvisit) is the provider of foodservice. They work day in and out to please the customers and get proper feedback. If you are new to do this company, get yourself educated about Customers receive varieties of offers once they get connected to Zaxbys. The restaurants have been established in locations like George and Statesboro.

The only criteria required to avail the service is not being a minor. If you are at least 18 years, then you are free to enjoy and take part in the prize-winning cycle. In the year 2007, the marketing campaign depicted that the celebrities had food from this chain. With the motive to improve their own service, they allow and give chances to the customer for serving their company. In return, the customers are even provided with some benefits. These benefits include different prizes. 

The prizes earned from the company

  • The customers get the chance to grab the daily prices and also to grab $1000 each day.
  • The customers also get the opportunity to win over $1500 each week

Are you interested in taking the survey?
You can enter into the cycle after purchasing. But you have to follow the provision even if you are purchasing. To do that, you have to enter your email ID. On the other hand, if you have made a purchase, then you can enter into the cycle through the survey done online. The details of each are mentioned here for your help:

Making your entry easy through the online process

  • If you want to enter through the online process, then you need to purchase something from the company.
  • After you have done that you need to keep your receipt correctly. It is because the receipt contains the validation code of the survey.
  • Visit the page via the link mentioned below
  • Lastly, you need to answer all the questions of the survey.

Congratulations! You have entered into the process of winning gifts.

How will you enter through the mail? The steps are mentioned here:

  • In this process of entry, it is not compulsory to make a purchase. One can enter simply by using one's mail.
  • You won't get any option available here. You will have to enter a sentence. You have to type "please help me to enter the Empathica daily sweepstakes to win the daily prize"
  • After doing the things mentioned above, you have to mail your personal information. This information will include your name, surname, address, phone number, the client's name, and your email address.

The rule which must be kept in mind to visit MyZaxbysVisit

  • Purchase is not a necessity before entering.
  • It is mandatory to be a resident of Canada, UK, Ireland, Denmark courier or the US
  • The user must not be a minor. He or she has to be at least 18+ and a citizen of Canada and US
  • Maximum price will be 1 for every 90 days per person
  • For every method, there will be one entry at Max every day. 

How to use the company's website
Are you new here? Are you aware of the methods and processes involved in the usage of the link? Don't worry if you are not. The link to this website is
Follow the following 5 steps:

  • The link which is mentioned above is the company's website link. Try to access your favorite browser from the electronic gadget and enter this webpage. Copy-paste this link to your address bar so that you do not type the wrong address.
  • Once you have done the required thing, you will be taken to the first page. This is the page that appears when you enter the link for the first time. You will be asked to enter the server code, the amount spent and that time of visit. No need to worry about the information as they will be presently available on the receipt.
  • To proceed to the next level, you just have to press the enter button.
  • It is common to accept reviews from customers. Keeping that in mind, you will be asked to review the quality of dishes, about the hospitality and ambiance and also the time of your visit. Kindly answer them honestly.
  • If you have fulfilled all the criterion mentioned above, you'll become the individual who can take part in the sweepstakes.